Campings for families in Catalonia the ideal choice whether you travel with children

Campings for families in Catalonia are ideal of those who are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and spend quality time together in nature. With the stunning landscapes and rich culture, exploring Catalonia by land or sea on a camping trip is a great way to relax and have fun. From the ancient cities of Girona and Pals to the vibrant nightlife of Cambrils, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The mediterranean coast the perfect location for your holidays

Camping for families in Catalonia is a great way to enjoy nature of the area, a region along the Mediterranean coast of Spain that is teeming with incredible sights and experiences. From the breathtaking beaches of Costa Brava to the majestic Pyrenees Mountains and lush inland forests, the range of Campings for families is plentiful. Hence, this type of accommodation lets you soak up the sun while you enjoy stunning landscapes or observe the rich culture of the region.  Therefore, no matter how you travel through Catalonia, by road or by boat, the best way to relax and unwind is to book a campsite.

The most important areas who have the best offer in Campings for families in Catalonia are in Costa Brava and in Costa Daurada. Both areas have more than two hundred different campsites with a multitude of services and prices for all kinds of people. In addition, most of them are very close to places of interest such as Port Aventura, the Medes Islands or the Cap de Creus Natural Park.

Camping for families in Catalonia who are offering lots of activities for children

From Catalonia Trip we think that perhaps the most fundamental added value that guests of campings for families in Catalonia look for at the time of booking are the sports and entertainment activities that the campsite plans during the days of their holiday. For this reason, we believe that Catalan campsites in general have many daytime and night-time services to entertain not only the younger ones but also the older ones. From Karaokes to water polo games or hiking activities. In this way all members of the family can enjoy a holiday adventure never to be forgotten.

From the basics to the sophistication of the service

For those wanting to get back to basics, Catalonia also offers a variety of camping adventures in remote, off-the-beaten-track locations. Here, you can pitch your tent in the middle of the wilderness and explore untouched beaches and secluded hillsides. Also from sailing the Mediterranean, scuba diving among shipwrecks and exploring caves and ancient ruins, to hiking and biking in the Pyrenees, you can tailor-make your family camping experience. However, we can also find five-star campings for families in Catalonia that will allow you to spend the night in a campsite with every luxury.

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