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One of the best family hotels all-inclusive in Salou: PortAventura Hotel el Paso

Why book a hotel with all-inclusive service?

A family hotels all-inclusive in Salou offers a variety of advantages to travellers. First of all, there is no need to worry about budgeting and all expenses are included in the cost of the stay. You don’t have to worry about paying for meals, snacks, or drinks, as all of these are typically included.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about unexpected costs or hidden fees. You have access to a sort of leisure activities and amenities, such as swimming pools, gyms, spa services, and entertainment, all of which are also included in the cost. Additionally, you have the comfort and convenience of staying in one place for the duration of your stay, which allows for a more relaxing and stress-free experience.

So, with all this you have what you need to start your search for family hotels all-inclusive in Salou.

PortAventura Hotel el Paso: one of the best family hotels all-inclusive in Salou

PortAventura Hotel El Paso is a luxurious resort located in the idyllic town of Salou, in Catalonia. With its modern and stylish design, this hotel offers an unforgettable experience for families as well as business travellers. The hotel grounds feature a wide range of amenities, such as an outdoor pool, a spa and wellness centre, an extensive fitness centre, and a restaurant where you can enjoy delicious Mediterranean dishes. There is also a bar where guests can relax and socialise.

The hotel offers spacious and comfortable rooms and suites, all fitted with the latest technology, private balconies, and stunning Mediterranean views. Guests have access to free WiFi and can make use of the hotel’s in-room entertainment. Therefore, for its over four thousand reviews on we can consider it as one of the most outstanding family hotels all-inclusive in Salou.

The guests can experience a luxurious stay and enjoy all the amenities one would expect from a top-class resort. With its fantastic location, modern facilities, and friendly staff, this hotel is the perfect place for a wonderful holiday.

An extra when booking at the PortAventura Hotel el Paso

When you book this or any other hotel in the PortAventura chain, all of them include admission to the PortAventura theme park. However, please note that the tickets are valid for one day only and are only valid for the main park. In other words, they do not include access to the Costa Caribe water park or the Ferrari Land area. Even so, it is an extra that should not be underestimated because if you are on holiday in Salou, a visit to the theme park is practically obligatory. 

For this reason, if you have already decided to spend your holidays in this part of the Costa Dorada, what are you waiting for to book this magnificent family hotels all-inclusive in Salou? Be prepared for an unforgettable holiday!

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