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Hotel Capri: a cozy hotel in the centre of Sitges

The rich cultural and heritage offer that a hotel in the centre of Sitges has to offer us

Sitges has at your disposal an endless number of cultural activities and architectural monuments that will make your stay in the town complete. The patron saints of the city are Sant Bartomeu and Santa Tecla. Their festivals are a traditional seven-day celebration held each year in mid-September and honors St. Bartholomew and St. Thecla, two Roman martyrs. During the festivities, there are parades, concerts, and dances held throughout the city.

The city also has an art museum: Museu Maricel de Mar which is located on Paseo Marítim, just a few steps from the beach. This museum features works of modern art, artifacts from nearby Greek and Roman sites, old photographs of Sitges, and much more. Similarly, another place of interest right next to the museum is the Fundació Stämpfli Art Taller. This art exchange program offers workshops for both children and adults in ceramics, glassmaking, weaving, and other artistic disciplines.

An overview of services and facilities

Hotel Capri is a hotel in the centre of Sitges which offers a range of facilities, meal plans and services for guests. These include a terrace for outside dining, a swimming pool and sun terrace, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, a bar and lounge, a restaurant, and room service. The hotel also offers a range of meal plans and services, including a breakfast buffet, half-board, full-board for meals. They also offer a variety of drinks, snacks, and packaged meals. Additionally, the hotel provides bikes for renting and other amenities such as parking, on availability and on payment, a sauna and a fitness center.

Pros and cons of booking a hotel in the centre of Sitges

Booking a hotel in the centre of Sitges has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, if we look at the advantages of staying in the city centre, it puts you close to the major tourist attractions, restaurants, shopping, and transportation. Generally, booking one of these hotels gives you a better sense of the local culture because there are more local markets, and people to interact with. In addition, a very important factor to be taken into account is that staying in the city centre may give you more  confidence in walking around and not feeling uncomfortable, especially at night.

On the other hand, we may be faced with several disadvantages. First of all, if we arrive at our destination by car, it represents a problem of mobility and parking. Which can be affected by the size of the hotel, the age of the building, the local neighborhood and regulations. Also a significant drawback is the street noise and sounds from nearby bars, restaurants and shops can keep guests awake when they should be sleeping. The price of accommodation in the hotels amidst in the city centre tend to be more expensive compared to their suburban counterparts.

To sum up, it will largely be your choice depending on your needs and budget that will determine whether you book a hotel in the centre of Sitges or in the surrounding area.

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